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AWG: Sustainable Supply Chains and Business Continuity

  1. Mission of the AWG

The African Working Group aims to promote research on operations management, supply chain management and business management in the context of Africa. The members of the group seek to provide research with managerial implications to aid in decision-making of public and private organizations in Africa. Interdisciplinary topics and versatility of methods constitute one of the aspects that GROUP members put emphasis on. The areas of research of GROUP include business, engineering, applied and social sciences. Membership is open to scholars and practitioners from all around the world.

  1. Areas of research

The areas of research investigated by the members of the AWG relate to current topics in operations management and business management with a focus on the African continent. In this respect, the members of the AWG have produced empirical and conceptual research on thematic areas relevant to the African continent (conflict resources, procurement, collaboration, sustainability and green initiatives). In particular, the publications of Akenroye et al. (2021; 2023) stand out as an example of research having a focus on conceptual and empirical investigation in the African context.

  1. Organization and Members

Name Jamal El Baz
Title Associate Professor
Organization Ibn Zohr University
LinkedIn/ORCID accounts:


Name Temidayo Akenroye
Title Associate Professor
Organization Liverpool Business School
LinkedIn/ORCID accounts:


Name Anass Cherrafi
Title Assistant Professor
Organization Moulay Ismail University
LinkedIn/ORCID accounts:

  1. Activities

The members of the AWG have started collaborating together three years ago. They have been involved in several research projects and participated in numerous conferences to increase the visibility of the AWG activities. Professors Temidayo Akenroye and Jamal El Baz were present at the INFORMS annual meeting in Indiana (October 2022) in which they have presented their research and engaged in fruitful interaction with other scholars from all around the world. Recently, the research project of Professor Temidayo Akenroye on the challenges confronting Africa’s organ transplant supply chain system has been published by the Conversation1 and Supply Chain Management Journal. It was highlighted as one of the most original research studies that provide key insights on a timely and relevant topic for African countries. The members of the AWG are continuing to collaborate and develop joint research collaborations and would be happy to welcome other partners from the practitioners’ field and academia.

  1. Past and incoming events
  • Organizing a seminar about SC risk practices in the African countries in the fall of 2023.
  • Editing a book about SCM and OR in Africa.
  • Doing collaborative research projects with other scholar from other regions in the world.


To join this GROUP, please email to Jamal El Baz at