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AFROS is the African Federation of Operations Research Societies. The objective of AFROS is to promote Operations Research in Africa. Its affairs are regulated by an Executive Committee consisting of representatives/alternates of all its member societies. The members of the Federation undertake to co-operate in the advancement of knowledge, interest and education in Operations Research by appropriate means, particularly the exchange of information, the holding of meetings and conferences, and the awarding of prizes. Each member society shall extend to the individual and corporate members of other member societies all rights and privileges offered to their own members with the exception of voting rights and of privileges and services that are directly related to the payment of fees or subscriptions. AFROS is a “not for profit” organization with the following constitution.

Vision:  To be recognized as the main contributor in Africa for promoting Operations Research for the benefit of African Countries.

Mission: Promote Operations Research in Africa and establish its value for improvements in complex decision making

Values: The shared motivations and beliefs, which bind AFROS are:

  • To foster Collaboration and Interdisciplinary activity
  • To observe Ethics and Integrity
  • To act Sustainably
  • To promote Diversity and Inclusivity


  1. The advancement of knowledge, interest, education and the use of Operations Research in Africa
  2. An increased exchange of information between African Operations Research Societies
  3. Increased numbers of meetings and conferences in Operations Research related fields in Africa
  4. Increase the number of National Societies
  5. Articulate the Federation brand and communicate its values
  6. Promote African Operations Research activities and programs

With IFORS support, AFROS is working towards full membership of