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  1. Mission of the Chapter

The SORS (Senegalese Operational Research Society) is an association whose vocation is to develop and promote Operational Research and Decision Support in Senegal.

  1. Rationale

Our research work mainly focuses on convex and non-convex optimization (differentiable and nondifferentiable), global optimization – theory, algorithms and applications (minimization of a concave function on a convex set via cutting plane methods) and Branch-and-Bound, DC programming (Difference of Convex functions), DC Algorithm (DCA), duality in DC optimization, Senegaulois algorithm for linear programming, combinatorial optimization, dynamic optimization and optimal mass transport.

In collaboration with Professors Ivan LAVALLEE, a new method has been developed (Sunugaulois algorithm) for solving linear problems in continuous variables. The results showed the potential and efficiency of the approach by performing tests on the three sets of programs that arise in the linear Klee-Minty problem, for which the simplex algorithm takes an exponential number of iterations.

We also worked on models (non-linear and combinatorial), optimization techniques and numerical simulations applied to the urban transport company Dakar Dem Dikk of Senegal, namely: the location of convenience stores, the minimization of empty mileage and staff recovery. All these works carried out with Dakar Dem Dikk are services to society.

Other development issues have also been resolved, in particular the scheduling of aircraft landings for Dakar international airport, the assignment of students to high schools for the Dakar academic inspection, and the design of transport networks and of Location of Activities (CRLA) for the Dakar Urban Transport Executive Council (CETUD) of Dakar.

We have produced codes that run under Visual C ++ and Python and under Unix, enriched with the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer library. The models and calculation algorithms already developed will be enriched to produce articles and thesis supervision topics.

  1. Organization, Officers, and Members

To join this Chapter, please email to Babacar Mbaye NDIAYE at