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AWG: Aviation Industry

  1. Mission of the AWG

The AWG in Aviation Industry will be dedicated to applying all disciplines of OR in aviation industry e.g. different optimization techniques to maximize the airline revenue, or to minimize the airport operating costs, also to build simulations models for both Airside, Landside, and airspace to determine the shortest routes the flights can fly without violating the relevant aviation regulation.

  1. Rationale

Some projects we are worked for are follows:

  • Airport performance benchmarking using DEA and artificial techniques,
  • Building airport simulation models to evaluate the performance of aircraft parking stands,
  • Building a statistical model to forecast the air traffic density in an airport,

Since Operations Research is a scientific tool to manage both current and future aspects, and it will be absolute beneficial to integrate these tools to the aviation industry stakeholders and service providers e.g., Airports, airlines, ground handlers and air traffic control units.

Also, we can do some joint research papers and/or case studies among our members in relation to aviation industry.

We may have many scenarios as follows:

  • Ingrate with the service providers (SP) in African countries, and start to offer them our services through conferences, webinars, etc,
  • Provide some training to the SP staff to show them how can we combine these OR tools into their operational and strategic plans.
  1. Activities

Participating in conferences and workshops with published papers/ presentation combining OR and aviation.

Doing some joint research among the AFROS members and the industry or members of AFROS itself with aviation background.

  1. Organization and Members

Although the AWG for aviation is welcoming any AFROS member to join, but the seed could be as follows from Egypt:

  • Awad Khireldin (Singapore Institute of Technology),
  • Ramadan Zeineldin (King Abdelaziz University)


To join this AWG, please email to Awad Khireldin at