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AFROS Strategy

AFROS strategy 2021-2025

Vision:  To be recognized as the main contributor in Africa for promoting Operations Research for the benefit of African Countries.

Mission: AFROS is a “not for profit” organization that aims to promote Operations Research in Africa.

Values: The shared motivations and beliefs, which bind AFROS are:

  • To foster Collaboration and Interdisciplinary activity
  • To observe Ethics and Integrity
  • To act Sustainably
  • To promote Diversity and Inclusivity


Goal 1: The advancement of knowledge, interest, education and use of OR in Africa

To achieve this goal, AFROS will:

1.1.Promote the benefits of Operations Research among the public at large

1.2 Provide consistent, up-to-date information about OR developments to African OR Societies.

1.3 Help in implementing projects that contribute to the development of OR research in Africa

Goal 2: Increase exchange of information between African OR Societies and OR researchers and practitioners

To achieve this goal, AFROS will:

2.1. Create a research environment through African Research Groups within which the African OR community can prosper

2.2. Identify OR researchers and practitioners across Africa and provide them with opportunities for career-enhancement

2.3. Encourage collaborations and bilateral projects that mutually benefit the members of AFROS

Goal 3: Increase numbers of meetings and conferences in OR- related fields in Africa

To achieve this goal, AFROS will:

3.1. Award annual prizes for OR African Researchers

3.2. Hold a Triennial AFROS conference

3.3. Support National Societies conferences and meetings

3.4. Help to set up and support African Working Groups and AFROS Chapters

Goal 4: Recognition by IFORS as a Regional OR Society

To achieve this goal, AFROS will:

4.1. Increase the number of National Societies

4.2. Articulate the Federation brand and communicate its values

4.3. Promote African Operations Research activities and programs

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